Friday, September 25, 2009


I finished my washcloth earlier. It is super all I have to do is find my camera, charge it, wait until I get good light, take a picture, load it, upload it, and admire it. Yeah!

Hiatus you see. I am rather bad at updating my blog. Although, I do feel this is the best effort yet.

A little update...My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house. Between that, being the tech director of my school's drama department, teaching / grading, and taking car of two cats, I have been out straight busy lately. This isn't to describe my absence. That really had no excuse except for sheer laziness.

Since my last post I have also taught myself to use a bead loom (easy, but slightly tedious), a nail gun, a table saw, a circular saw, and a sabre saw. So...I'm getting out of the realm of crafting and more into all diy. I guess that goes with looking at houses. I know that I will want to install things (built in cabinetry, tile floor, granite counter tops, hardwood floors) that will have increased the price of the house to something we aren't willing to pay. We do not want to sacrifice our lifestyle. I also want to be able to do the routine upkeep.

Sometime this weekend, I will hopefully post pictures and some necessary tweaks / recommendations. The pattern is from Designer One Skein Wonders. I recommend the book for its fun patterns (be prepared to print out a long list of errata though). I would recommend it for someone who has a little knitting under their belt. For the newbie...go with something more user friendly. It doesn't have all of the basics in it (which I adore at this point) like many knitting books.

So...hopefully I'll get the washcloth done and posted by Sunday (if not before). Happy Friday!